Evolon® technology: revolutionary, unique, invented by Freudenberg

Combining a series of outstanding technical and textile properties within a single product.

Evolon® fabrics are produced using a unique textile manufacturing process invented by Freudenberg.

Endless bi-component filaments are spun, uniformly laid on a belt, then simultaneously split into microfilaments and entangled using high pressure water jets to create the final fabric. No solvents or chemical binders are used in the process.


--- New release : Evolon® New Generation ---

Freudenberg pushes the limits of innovation with its brand new super-microfilament technology. Evolon® New Generation opens up entirely new technical possibilities.


Evolon® Microfilaments and Evolon® New Generation super-microfilaments are up to 200 times thinner than a human hair, as shown by this hair placed on the surface of the fabric.

They are also 5 to 10 times thinner than many other microfibers, and represent a new generation of microfiber.

This technology is the key to the exceptional performance of Evolon® textiles.

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