fiber filled

Fiber-filled pillows and comforters

Evolon® New Generation: the innovative performance fabric for fiber-filled bedding items

fiber filled

Evolon® New Generation is the ideal fabric cover for fiber-filled bedding items. It is extremely soft and gentle to the skin, comfortable, highly breathable and provides perfect moisture management. At the same time, the fabric protects allergy sufferers against dust mite allergens, and this is achieved with no chemical treatment. It delivers long-lasting performance, wash after wash.

The ideal microclimate

The ideal sleeping climate balance provided by Evolon® New Generation results from the perfect mix of breathability, thermal insulation and water vapor permeability. 

80% of people evaluated the moisture management provided by Evolon® New Generation bed linen as “excellent” or “good”, when compared to their usual bed linen.*

*Test results on a panel of people who used bed linen made from Evolon® New Generation during a four-week period.


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