Compact, highly absorbent and fast-drying bathrobes made from Evolon® are ideally suited for sports and traveling.


When you step out of a pool or shower, nothing is more comfortable than wrapping yourself in a bathrobe. However, bringing along a terry cotton bathrobe is not a good option. In contrast, a bathrobe made from Evolon® microfilaments is the ideal solution because Evolon® fabric takes up five times less space than a conventional terry cotton fabric. It fits easily into a small gym bag or the corner of a suitcase.

Thanks to the high capillarity of microfilaments, users benefit from excellent absorbing performance. Once wet, a bathrobe made from Evolon® will dry two to three times faster than a traditional terry cotton bathrobe.

Compact and fast-drying, Evolon® bathrobes are easy to wash as often as necessary.

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