Food Contact

Food contact applications

Improves hygiene conditions, manufacturing processes and food conservation.


Featuring multiple textile and mechanical benefits, Evolon® microfilament fabrics intended for food contact (EVO S0) fulfill the criteria of the European regulation (EU) No 10/2011. They can also help to improve hygiene conditions, manufacturing processes and food conservation.

Thanks to a wide range of available weights, Evolon® fabrics are suitable for either disposable or durable use and can be washed at up to 95°C. The endless microfilaments provide high dimensional stability and do not leave lints on food. For optimal hygiene conditions, Evolon® fabrics can be optionally equipped with built-in antibacterial properties.

With their dense and compact fiber structure, Evolon® textiles have very good barrier properties, such as particle filtration, air or liquid filtration, thermal insulation, UV protection and are effective as an insect-proof barrier (especially mosquitoes).

Evolon® textiles absorb water and oil very well. Moisture management and breathability are also excellent.

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