Allergy sufferers breathe more easily

Anti-mite encasings

Evolon®: a revolutionary fabric for dust mite allergy sufferers

Matelas EVOLON

For dust-mite-proof mattress, pillow and comforter encasings

Dust-mite-proof encasings made from Evolon® microfilament fabric are comfortable, breathable and anti-allergenic.

  • The microfilament structure provides a perfect durable protective barrier against dust mite allergens. The protection lasts and lasts, wash after wash.
  • Because the fabric is not coated, encasings are rustle-free, very comfortable, breathable and soft, with no “ plastic” feeling.
  • No chemical post-treatments, which could affect health and lose their effectiveness after a few washes

Evolon® microfilament fabric is the best protection against dust mite allergens and has been proven to meet the toughest requirements.

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