printing media

Printing media

Evolon® - The eco-friendly and innovative printing media for wide-format advertising

printing media

Lightweight, anti-wrinkle and PVC-free with a unique matt surface and fabric drapability, Evolon® digital printing media are M1 flame-retardant certified and offer impeccable printed results for posters, kakemonos, banners, roll-ups, POP/POS advertising, signs, stands, giclees, calendars, packaging, racing numbers and more.

Pictures are sharp and colors are deep on an Evolon® substrate.

Because it is PVC-free, Evolon® is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional banner materials.

Processing possibilities are many: sewing, heat-sealing, eyelets, glueing...

Other benefits of Evolon® microfilament textiles include breathability and a fabric feel for racing numbers, sound absorption for indoor use, softness and surface protection for packaging, UV protection and non-fraying edges for easier processing.

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