technical packaging

Technical packaging

Evolon® high-performance textiles provide the most gentle surface protection for sensitive parts.


Evolon® microfilament textiles are specially adapted for packaging sensitive parts that need to move from one production site to another. They have an extremely soft and smooth surface, which protects highly sensitive surfaces and avoids micro-scratches or texture transfer. Evolon® textiles are also extremely strong and can be used to pack and transport very heavy parts.

Evolon® textiles are a technical packaging solution for many industries, such as in the electronics industry for flat screens, where screen and frame require full protection during transportation. In the automotive industry, Evolon® microfilament textiles are used to make bags or textile containers that are adapted to the shape of the objects for hanging in metal racks.

Textile containers made from Evolon® are highly appreciated for carrying molded plastic components, lacquered parts or highly complex parts. This is because Evolon® microfilament fabrics do not release fibers or damage painted or coated surfaces.

Evolon® is breathable and permeable to solvent vapors and features UV-filtering properties that are invaluable for outdoor storage.

Evolon® is easy to clean, reusable and is an environmentally friendly alternative for long-lasting packaging material that reduces waste generated by transported parts.

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For sensitive surfaces

For sensitive surfaces

No stain, no fiber release, no scratch and no abrasion. Evolon® microfilament fabrics are the ideal solution for delicate surfaces, glass, painted parts and more.

No fiber release, lint-free

No fiber release, lint-free

Unlike staple fibers, Evolon®’s microfilaments are endless, making the fabric entirely lint-free. As a consequence, Evolon® microfilament fabrics are the ideal material for contact with sensitive surfaces, protective packaging and high-tech wiping applications.




Evolon® microfilament fabrics are breathable, which means they are permeable to water vapor and air. This is due to the extremely fine microfilaments, which create millions of “micro” channels through which air can flow.

These microfilaments also provide superior moisture management. Both water and perspiration are absorbed by Evolon® fabrics, which then dry very quickly, wicking moisture away from the skin.

In industrial applications such as technical packaging, breathability also allows solvent residues to evaporate through Evolon® fabrics.



With exceptional long-lasting performance, Evolon® microfilament fabrics offer excellent value for money.

UV protection

UV protection

Evolon® microfilament fabrics provide outstanding UV protection.

Evolon® microfilament textiles are made from polyester and polyamide, which provide built-in sun protection. Unlike conventional woven or knitted fabrics, Evolon® textiles have a particularly tight construction with multi-directional layering that avoids any gap between fibers. Thanks to this high-density microfilament structure, Evolon® provides a long-lasting sun protection, even after laundering.



As an option for applications such as technical packaging, Evolon® microfilament fabrics can be finished with a water-repellent treatment.



Evolon® microfilament textiles are washable.

White textiles based on Evolon® technology can be washed many times at temperatures up to 95°C.

Washing conditions and temperatures may vary depending on the final product.

For example, bedding and anti-mite encasings made from Evolon® can generally be washed at up to 95°C.

Some finishes or specific uses of Evolon® fabrics require lower temperatures to preserve the functional features of the final product.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Evolon® microfilament textiles are long-lasting materials that help to reduce the impact of waste on our environment.

No binders, solvents or PVC are used in the manufacture of Evolon®.

Safe composition, preservation of resources and eco-friendly use: click here to find out more

Standard finishing and converting

Standard finishing and converting

Evolon® microfilament fabrics can be processed using traditional textile manufacturing techniques. They can be dyed, printed, finished, cut and sewn, just like any other fabrics.

With non-fraying edges, Evolon® microfilament fabrics provide the advantage of easier processing, making overstitching unnecessary.



Automotive industry: textile pouches in work-in-progress containers for molded plastic parts, small highly complex parts and more

Electronics: sensitive parts such as flatscreen TVs

Consumer appliances

Glass industry

Plastic injection & surface finishing industries (metalized parts…)

Cosmetic packaging industry


This product meets the criteria of the ECO-CHECK as defined by Freudenberg Performance Materials. 

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Evolon® New Generation material for technical packaging

Technical Packaging

The automotive industry tends to incorporate more and more shiny black painted surfaces (so-called “piano-painted” parts) to strengthen the luxurious appearance of cars (both inside and outside). Evolon® New Generation textile material provides the best anti-scratch protection for these ultra-sensitive shiny painted surfaces.

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