High Tech Wipes

High-tech wipes and cleaning cloths

Evolon® microfilaments wipe out conventional microfiber.


Lint-free Evolon® cloths and wipes provide unrivalled performance in cleaning, wiping and drying.

With Evolon® microfilament cleaning cloths, dust, dirt, grease, ink and other liquids are easily removed. Surfaces are left immaculate with no smearing, lint or scratches.

The outstanding cleaning power and absorption ability of Evolon® microfilaments eliminate the need for detergents.

Thanks to their unique manufacturing process, Evolon® cloths have very good mechanical properties: they do not fray, keep their shape and are resistant to tearing, even in heavy use conditions or after many wash cycles at 60°C or 95°C.

Evolon® technology supports many different cleaning and wiping applications:

  • High-end cleaning cloths and dusters
  • Industrial pre-satured wipes
  • Automotive lint-free wipes
  • Surface preparation low linting wipes
  • Degreasing wipes
  • Aerospace lint-free wipes
  • Cleanroom wipes
  • Rental shop towels
  • Semi-disposable wipes
  • Industrial microfiber wipes

Evolon® microfilament cleaning wipes are available in a wide range of weights and are suitable for dry wipes, pre-satured wipes, wipe rolls, washable and re-usable heavy-duty towels as well as semi-disposable lightweight wipes.

Customized colors, color coding, prints and custom-made sizes are all available on request.

Surface variants: flat, mesh, 3D

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