Evolon microfilament textiles for bedding

Down-proof textile

Evolon® New Generation: the innovative performance fabric for bedding and quilted products filled with feathers and down


Evolon® New Generation is an ideal fabric for bedding, furniture or quilted products containing feathers, down or synthetic fibers, while providing excellent comfort. This innovative technology is a high-quality, eco-friendly alternative to conventional fabrics for comforter and pillow covers, sleeping bags, upholstery and garments.

Evolon® New Generation’s density enables it to hold feathers and down perfectly within bedding items while forming a physical barrier against dust particles and mite allergens. It delivers long-lasting performance, wash after wash.

The compact structure provides very good opacity and a high-quality look.

Evolon® New Generation is also highly breathable with excellent moisture management and provides very comfortable sleeping conditions.

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