Evolon Made in Green by Oeko-Tex

Evolon® is certified according to MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®

Evolon Recycled Range

Evolon® technology: endless possibilities


Evolon® technology: endless possibilities


Evolon® technology: endless possibilities

Evolon®: high-technology, outstanding properties, endless possibilities

Invented by Freudenberg, Evolon® microfilament textiles provide the best combination of textile and mechanical properties for a wide variety of applications.

Evolon® technology

Evolon® is produced using a unique textile manufacturing process invented by Freudenberg. In industrial environments, in automobiles, in homes or athletic events … a technological revolution takes place.

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Dual protection

Evolon® ESD packaging textile prevents electrostatic discharge and protects sensitive surfaces from damage.

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20 years of Evolon® expertise

The success of Evolon® is down to all the women and men who pour their passion into the development of this innovative fabric, together. Watch our video and get to know the experts of twenty years of Evolon®.

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